The LRV-17 is a 17-meter (57-foot) advanced Long Range Vessel designed for fuel efficiency and rough sea stabilization with a range of 1500 nautical miles and a sprint speed over 40 knots. The LRV-17 uses Arovex®, a carbon fiber nano-composite system (carbon fiber reinforced plastic enhanced with carbon nanotubes or CFRP-CNT), to reduce structural weight, allowing for more efficient fuel usage and resulting in increased range. The LRV-17 is the first manned vessel created using nano-composites.

17 meters. 1500+ nautical miles.

LRV-17 Rooster Tail

The 17-meter vessel’s deep-V hull is designed for fuel efficiency and uses an active gyroscope stabilizer for improved sea handling and decreased human fatigue factors. It is fully deployable with only two operators with an additional four shock-mitigating seats for support personnel, allowing six crew to remain at sea for five days.

Fully deployable with only two operators

LRV-17 Seattle

The LRV-17 is modeled after the Piranha Unmanned Surface Vessel, which debuted in 2010. The Piranha received global attention and established as a pioneer of nano-composite marine manufacturing. The vessel now joins several technology applications using Arovex.

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