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Component Manufacturing

Based on 100+ years of composite and marine manufacturing expertise, we work with component suppliers and ship and boat builders to reduce weight or increase durability of their components using our nano-composite materials. This allows builders to achieve cost-effective performance gains from nano-composites without altering current production processes. Our materials can replace aluminum, steel or other composites, allowing you to integrate high performance nano-composites with existing or future vessel designs.

Zyvex Marine’s 24,800 sq. ft. nano-composite facility is located near Seattle, Washington and ports along the West Coast of the United States. We produce nano-composite vessel hulls, decks and superstructures in addition to a range of components.

Why Zyvex Marine?

Arovex® and Epovex®, our nano-composite materials, provide superior performance over traditional composites as well as aluminum and steel. Arovex is our carbon fiber nano-composite system (carbon fiber reinforced plastic enhanced with carbon nanotubes or CFRP-CNT) that makes products stronger and more durable. Arovex is the only prepreg enhanced with carbon nanotubes for extremely high strength to weight ratios. Epovex is the only adhesive enhanced with carbon nanotubes and is designed to deliver the strongest bond possible at the most economical price/performance ratio.

Arovex Vs. Aluminum:

  • 66% lighter than aluminum
  • 8x stronger than aluminum
  • Repair is as easy as fiberglass, but with the benefit of up to 25% greater shear strength than welding, using Epovex

Arovex Vs. Composites:

  • Greater impact resistance than conventional composites
  • +18% Flexural Strength
  • +50% Flexural Modulus
  • +20% Tensile Strength
  • +18% Tensile Modulus
  • +28% Compression Strength
  • +17% Compression Modulus
  • +42% Glc Strain Energy Release

*Mechanical data obtained by independent third party testing. Arovex made with G30-700 fiber, with a resin content of 38%. Values normalized to 60% fiber volume. Values are typical and are not intended as a specification value.

Epovex Vs. Other Adhesion Methods:

  • 25% greater Shear Strength than Welding
  • Greater T-Peel and Tensile Shear Strength tested in comparison to Proset 176/276, SpaBond 345, Araldite AW 136, Master Bond EP21TDCHT, Hysol 9430, and 3M-DP460

*Typical characteristics and properties, not to be used as specifications.

Doors, Hatches And Marine Closures

Zyvex Marine has partnered with Pacific Coast Marine to make the industry’s lightest and most durable doors, hatches, and other marine closures using nano-composites. Pacific Coast Marine, a leader in marine closures for nearly 30 years, worked with Zyvex to develop nano-composite doors, hatches and marine closures that weigh up to 66% less than those made from aluminum – and are more durable.

For more information contact PCM at: +1.425.743.9550 or email them at

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