Zyvex Marine is building the next generation of vessel platforms

Zyvex Marine is building the next generation of vessel platforms. Zyvex is the premier provider of carbon fiber nano-composites vessels and specializes in manned and unmanned variants for an array of operating conditions using the most advanced materials science available.

Headquartered near Seattle, Zyvex Marine is located close to ports along the Puget Sound and West Coast. With tested performance up to Sea State 6, Zyvex vessels are built to withstand the toughest operating conditions around the world.

Zyvex Marine formally became a division of Zyvex Technologies in November 2011 and has a storied history dating back to 2009. In early 2009, the world’s first commercialized carbon nanotube enhanced (CNTe) carbon fiber material, Arovex, enabled the design of a prototype vessel called the 540SE. Setting new standards for fuel efficiency and performance, the lightweight 540SE hull offered a 75% reduction in fuel consumption costs, translating to increased range and lower operating costs.

In 2010, Zyvex Marine manufactured its first prototype craft, the Piranha USV Concept, taking it from the drawing board and into the water in under one year. Setting new standards in range, speed, sea keeping and payload for unmanned vessels, the Piranha USV Concept is a generational leap beyond boats built out of traditional materials like fiberglass or aluminum.

In 2011 Zyvex Marine shipped the first production nano-composite vessel, a lightweight 54′ boat. It set new standards for an unmanned vessel in the areas of range, speed, sea keeping and payload, fulfilling the promises made by the original Piranha USV Concept.

Zyvex Marine is developing new maritime platforms, the LRV-17 in Utility, Patrol and Unmanned Configurations and the LRV-11 Concept, as well as fulfilling customer orders through 2012.

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